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Dunn was convicted of attempting to murder 3 other individuals in the course of killing Jordan Davis. Jordan Davis was Dunn's target, and that is who he killed. Dunn intended to shoot, and that intent resulted in a death, and it did not result in any other physical injury. Even if you intend to kill someone, that killing can be excused if a jury believe that the killer was somehow justified in killing.

The jury believed that Dunn was justified but did not want the public backlash to be on them if they returned a not guilty verdict. If this is what the jury believed, then the prosecution failed to prove that the actions of Jordan Davis would not have caused a "reasonable man" to kill. Either the prosecution failed purposefully, or because the prosecution was totally inept.

The jury did not come back with a guilty verdict because the prosecution did not do its job.

The jury came back with a verdict that makes NO SENSE in law of in fact. That verdict was to shut everyone up. With the help of the media, the public is informed that "Dunn" will likely spend the rest of his life in prison which is a BOD FACED-LIE!!!

First of all if you killed your intended target, then the intent behind the killing of the intended victim cannot be transferred to an "attempt" to commit murder of others who were in the proximity of the killing, ESPECIALLY SINCE NO ONE ELSE WAS HURT OR KILLED, and the occupants of Davis' vehicle were not the targets of Dunn.

Dunn will be exonerated of all three of these attempted murder charges on appeal!! GUARANTEED!!! Dunn will walk, if the media and prosecution convince the parents and public that a new trial would be unnecessary since Dunn will likely spend the remainder of his life in prison.

This poor mother gets on national T.V. and forgives a man who has not even asked for forgiveness, and the media pumping the family up as the ultimate model of charismatic stupidity, for their brave show of mercy and forgiveness is a pathetic reality of how the media surreptitiously makes mockery of religion that supports evil. The Media was in wonderment at what the mother said. In the undertones the media was really saying, "we're doing all this to you, and you still talk about mercy and forgiveness, are you some kind of idiot.?"

You can forgive honest mistakes, and honest negligence, and honest accidents, but you don't fricking forgive EVIL. The media knows this, and behind the scenes they laugh and mock at us stupid negroes.

I pray that these parents see the light of truth, and not let this case die. I hope they push the prosecutor to try that murderer again, and I hope that they could afford to have their own special prosecutor on this case, because the Florida Prosecution office is definitely SUSPECT in throwing this case, and attempting to keep it from being re-tried.
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IMO, one of the major issues with this case lies with the prosecutor, Angela Corey. She pretty much botched the George Zimmerman case, and she fucked up on this one too. Had she charged him with 2nd degree murder or voluntary manslaughter, we probably wouldn't be having this discussion. Instead, she went for 1st degree murder.

I do agree about black folks and their tendency to forgive folks like this. For once, I wanna see a family member express how they really feel about these travesties of justice.
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[quote="DamnYouAll"]For once, I wanna see a family member express how they really feel about these travesties of justice.[/quote]
[color=indigo]Couldn't agree w/you more!!! These black folks are so "composed." I just don't get it. [/color]Question

[color=indigo]After the verdict, the parents got on [b]NATIONAL TV[/b] stating they were [b]VERY SATISFIED [/b]with the verdict. WTF?!?!?!?
They sort of now back stepped after the DA stated, they were seeking on a re-trial on the murder charge. Now they are saying they hope justice will be done. Another WTF?!?!?!? & a Rolling Eyes
That old saying about [i]"first impressions........"[/i] is so true. [/color]
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