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BLS: Unemployed More Likely to Go Shopping on Average Day Than Look for Job
September 8, 2014 - 5:06 PM
By Ali Meyer
n the average day, an unemployed American is more likely to be shopping—for things other than groceries and gas---than to be looking for a new job, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Only 18.9 percent of Americans who were unemployed (in surveys conducted from 2009 through 2013) spent time in job search and interviewing activities on an average day, according to BLS. Yet 40.8 percent of the unemployed did some kind of shopping on the average day--either in a store, by telephone, or on the Internet. 22.5 percent of the unemployed, according to BLS, were shopping for items other than groceries, food and gas.

First of all as an unemployed person this is sort of a nonsense statement, I have applied for almost 100 jobs and have received 1 interview. The systems today with Computerized resume reviews means generally you won't get to even meet a hiring manager unless you are nearly everything they want, and in today's job market they can discriminate heavily based on their very specific criteria. Under GWB, if you were close enough you may have had a chance, today I have been ignored and did not even get past the computer review for a job because I was literally 20 hours from their requirement (1000 hours of Pilot in Command time, I have 980 hours.) I literally hit apply on their website and received notification that I did not qualify 2 seconds later in my email.

With this system in place I can fire off 5 or 6 resume's to prospective business before 9am. Then be ignored for 20+ days only to get nothing if I was not chosen to fill their position. It's a very horrible process now, no interaction and completely at the mercy of a computer.

So don't rely on the computer. Pick up the phone and schedule an interview. Bug the piss out of them until you get an a face to face.

I can tell you as a business owner, when I put out an ad for a job, I get hundreds of resumes. There's absolutely no way I could ever vet all of them. The people who call and follow up with a phone call are the ones I call back. I've hired two guys like this.

If you wait for them to call you, you're going to be waiting for a long time, especially in this market.

It doesn't work like that with contracting, I am not looking for a job at the local factory, I am applying for nation wide and world wide positions like being a test pilot for Sikorsky Helicopters, I have connections there however they are a smaller company owned by UTC. UTC has an HR department of about 300 people, so bugging them isn't like calling the local Pennies. Their hiring process is as long as the FBI's. So it's a persistence game.

As far as connections, I was recommended for a threat evaluation position by the person that held the job and was promoted, I accepted the tentative offer, but when the contract was released the company he worked for did not get the contract, they provided my name and recommendation to that company and gave me the contact information. I followed up and they did some shennanigans and gave the job to another person that is more computer savvy than threat savvy. They basically paid a computer programmer to go learn about 20 years of threat information on air defense systems, and I wonder why as a Officer I had to tell those idiots what was right and wrong.

Your recommendations are appreciated but I have done them day one when I could. There are hiring requirements out there that we are not aware of that are in play and I am not in those requirements.
And of course I concur that personal interactions are the best, but the systems in place ensure you cannot even find HR contact information until you are scheduled to get an interview. I am in a military town and I am trying to get on to large companies, I am not going to Mom and Pops locally looking for a minimum wage job to pass my life away with. I have a MBA, and 26 years of aviation training. The problem is that in the jobs I am applying they are taking the guy with 10 years of knowledge because they can pay him less.
Ok, got it. I think I now appreciate the difficultly you're faced with.

Do these companies ever use recruiters? Do they accept or even welcome third party involvement? If so, getting yourself into a good "head hunter's" list of top candidates might be another direction.

30 years administrative experience in legal (real estate, general & worker's comp), high tech, mining), sales, customer service, executive support & I gave up looking several years ago. Lost my position in mining (asphalt paving co) as a direct result of Obama's election. Last 4 years doing sales, scheduling & head wienie washer for a mobile dog groomer. I have 4 weeks left as she is shutting down mobile & renting space in a groomer. At least I got notice this time. I was laid off with no notice a year ago for about 6 months. Owner hates phones & scheduling so she begged me to do it again, with hazard pay for catching up with over 50 voicemailS can't get my resume looked at as I have no degree. I applied for a job bat 4-1/2 yrs ago @ local hospital in legal. I got FIVE rejection letters from them in less than a week. Two of them in one period. Good thing I can handle rejection but geez, rub it in. And the form letter had typos. I took one of the letters & sent it to the head of the dept., along with a copy of my resume & a cover letter. The copy of the resignation letter had the errors circle led, & cover letter explained that he needs me, degree or not. I'm reasonably sure that he never saw it, but at least they stopped sending me rejection letters.

I agree - even if you are looking really hard for a job, it's not going to take all day. There's only so many jobs out there, only so much time to apply to each one, etc.

But I wouldn't go shopping with that "extra" time - that's just temptation I wouldn't need! When I was on furlough and unsure when I'd get a paycheck again, I avoided it as much as possible. And that wasn't as bad, because I knew the shutdown would end eventually and my job was waiting for me then

Understand completely.

The one time I was unemployed for an extended period of time, I started a little side business building fences, installing gutters, building decks, ect.... Would get up in the morning and send out estimates, work all day on the jobs I had going and then at night I would be sending out resumes.

I worked harder that six months than I ever have before. If I could have found some good help, I might still have the fence business going
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