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Burn baby burn

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Burn baby burn
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DYM0LISHN’s dedication to the Baltimore Soul-Jahs…

B-more active stand up to 2015 Gray-cism

“War is when your government tells you who the enemy is…revolution is when you figure it out for yourself”

Some young’unz believe this thing started wit’ a King named Rodney…not knowin’ of the King whose first name was Martin…get off yo’ Instagram, Facebook and YouTube…and Wikipedia the King whose middle name was Luther…The marching of MLK and folks unafraid of flay and unbeknownst to many who still benefit to this day…It’s a shame what happened in this day to Freddie Gray…premature death just tryin’ to keep the cops at bay
Michael Brown, Dante Parker and Tamir Rice too…the list goes on don’t think it can’t happen to you

I didn’t have a problem wit’ the hollerin’ and hootin’ I just didn’t condone the opportunistic lootin’…in B-more some had to see more of the burn baby burn, so…to make others take notice and learn baby learn, so…But in the ‘76 words of the Trammps “Disco Inferno”…“satisfaction came in chain reaction…I couldn’t get enough…’til I had to self-destruct…the heat was on…risin’ to the top…everybody going strong…that is when my spot got hot…burn baby burn”

When the indictments came down some folks were shittin’…The negro facing the most time was in the front sittin’...the two others don’t matter ‘cause they were too doin’ master’s biddin’… it matters not the texture of the tile…’cause negroes too can black racially profile

When I assess racism it’d be hard to count the figures…and some would look at me just as a different kinda nigga…yes to lay it on the table I’ve been ever blessed…tho’ Da Man sees me differently but a nigga nevertheless

Some expressed disdain for the use of the word thug…truth is those most offended were the negroes higher up…the disenfranchised at the bottom are only keepin’ it real…Trick daddy brought it and taught it over sub woofin’ you’d feel

Book of thugs chapter AK verse 47…expression of hurt a lil’ worse than 9/11…3 years prior but generations deeper…and believe it or not a lil’ bit older than the beeper

For those of you oh yes at Da’ Man’s behest..My dawg Trick Daddy said it best

You only got two bucks and give less than a fuck…then you a a nice home and Lexus truck…you a nigga…world champions and you MVP…you a nigga…four degrees and PHD…you still a use your platinum cards give me four IDs…then yous a nigga…if you skin is brown just like me…then you a nigga…got a promotion and fat ass raise…you still a nigga…you from the island and your people wasn’t slaves…you a nigga…no much how much yo’ ass get paid…you still a nigga…shot by the cops at a traffic stop…’cause you a nigga

So don’t get it twisted thinkin’ that you’ve arrived…this thing ain’t over you just merely survived…the depth is much deeper and you might need to dive…or be a star at 11 on racist Fox channel 5…Peace

Dymolishn “Dropping 20 megatons of right-knowledge at ground zero of ignorance and misinformation”
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